The objective of this discussion is to raise ethical, methodological, and practical issues concerning research with young children and the use of Q methodology through our experiences with a study of young children's feelings when in situations related to parental divorce. Q methodology was applied with 20 visual statements depicting a range of feelings for five-year-old children from Norwegian daycare centers to sort according to a "How do you generally feel?" condition of instruction. The issues resulting from this work are ethical considerations, methodological reflections, and practical concerns.

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Journal Operant Subjectivity
Arlene Arstad Thorsen, & Ingunn Størksen. (2010). Ethical, Methodological, and Practical Reflections When Using Q Methodology in Research with Young Children. Operant Subjectivity, 33(1/2), 3–25. doi:10.15133/j.os.2010.028