The purpose of this study was to analyze the subjective schemata of nursing unit managers in order to promote our understanding of individuals' images of nursing as a profession. The study also sought to provide appropriate strategies for improving the image of nursing based on perceptions of the profession. The results, based on a Q study of nursing unit managers at five Korean university hospitals, revealed three distinct types of images of nursing as a profession: the views of the Proud, the Self-Conflicted and the Progressive manager. It was found that these three types could change continuously through interaction with their environment. Based the findings, the study also suggested guidelines for constructing a desirable professional nursing image.
Operant Subjectivity

Eun Ja Yeun, Sung Ai Chi, & Hung Kyu Kim. (1996). A Study of the Professional Nursing Images of Nursing Unit Managers: A Q-Methodological Approach. Operant Subjectivity, 20(1/2), 43–61. doi:10.15133/j.os.1997.005