We are grateful to the Editor of Operant Subjectivity for inviting the five of us to write this collaborative article addressing the comparabilities of and differences between our two independently submitted Q studies (Burkholder & Janson, 2013; Baltrinic, Waugh, & Brown, 2013) examining doctoral student completion. The virtually simultaneous appearance of two Q studies examining the same phenomenon understandably attracted the Editor’s and reviewers’ attention and gave rise to this unique opportunity to examine the studies side-by-side. What follows are a few discussion points relevant to design similarities and differences between the two Q studies, including reflections and thoughts about further research and discussion about the generalizability of Q research—i.e., about the “reliable schematics” (Thomas & Baas, 1993) that exist in our respective studies of PhD student program completion in the field of counselor education.

Operant Subjectivity

Eric C. Baltrinic, David Burkholder, Steven Brown, Christopher Janson, & Jennifer A. Waugh. (2013). Reflections on Parallel Studies of Doctoral Student Completion. Operant Subjectivity, 36(4), 288–296. doi:10.15133/j.os.2012.016