We are grateful to the Editor of Operant Subjectivity for inviting the five of us to write this collaborative article addressing the comparabilities of and differences between our two independently submitted Q studies (Burkholder & Janson, 2013; Baltrinic, Waugh, & Brown, 2013) examining doctoral student completion. The virtually simultaneous appearance of two Q studies examining the same phenomenon understandably attracted the Editor’s and reviewers’ attention and gave rise to this unique opportunity to examine the studies side-by-side. What follows are a few discussion points relevant to design similarities and differences between the two Q studies, including reflections and thoughts about further research and discussion about the generalizability of Q research—i.e., about the “reliable schematics” (Thomas & Baas, 1993) that exist in our respective studies of PhD student program completion in the field of counselor education.

doctoral student completion
Operant Subjectivity

Eric C. Baltrinic, David Burkholder, Steven Brown, Christopher Janson, & Jennifer A. Waugh. (2013). Reflections on Parallel Studies of Doctoral Student Completion. Operant Subjectivity, 36(4), 288–296. doi:10.15133/j.os.2012.016