This research examined millennials’ Media System Dependency (MSD) for response, mitigation and recovery during and after a mass disruption event (MDE). Q- statements examined traditional and social media preferences during MDEs for information sharing, information seeking, communication of emotion and opinions as well as coordination of action and assistance. Q-sorts took place following an earthquake in the region so researchers could study the actual preferences of millennials following a natural disaster. The use of Q-Methodology allowed for five MSD types to emerge among millennials, which will help researchers understand audience media selection and for what purposes media are used during MDEs.

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Keywords crisis communication, disaster communication, mass disruption events, media system dependency, Q methodology
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Journal Operant Subjectivity
Jensen Moore, & Kristen Meadows. (2016). Using Q Methodology to Identify Millennials’ Media System Dependency During Mass Disruption Events. Operant Subjectivity, 38(1), 35–60. doi:10.15133/j.os.2016.003