After the administration of a political style Q-sort (Brown, 1981), intensive analysis is conducted with an exemplar of a factor correlating with Lasswell’s (1930/1960) political agitator type of political personality. A life history interview is conducted, and the subject is invited to complete 18 Q-sorts under various conditions of instruction. The resulting factor analysis produces three factors, a Conservative GOP2 view, a Conspiracy/Libertarian view, and an Ideal view. The study adds to the literature demonstrating the strengths of combining the life history interview with Q- methodology to provide a richer understanding of political personality. This article is Part I, while Part II examines a different political type – Lasswell’s political administrator.

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Keywords Agitator Type, Intensive Analysis, Lasswell, Political Role, Political Type, Single-case
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Journal Operant Subjectivity
James C Rhoads. (2017). Investigating Political Types, Part I: A Study of “Phil,” the Political Agitator. Operant Subjectivity, 39(1-2), 58–69. doi:10.15133/j.os.2017.004